This is a different sort of space race.
To the stars through adversity!
A right hook to the jaw, and the planet sees stars!
I’m doing laps in a pool to escape Earth’s gravity
And liftoff from world poverty and climate calamity.
From East Hampton to the stars!
To the stars through prosperity!
The pledge of art is to lift.

Liftoff from world poverty.
Liftoff from climate calamity.
Liftoff from the insanity.
Liftoff from my own inanity.
Life crawled out of a warm ocean, oozed out of the ooze,
Into the Parthenon.
Every person alive has his/her/their very own first name.
But when the Earth ends no one will read this poem.

I think about the folks back home several million miles away.
I feel quite dizzy thinking.
I feel I’m
Far away.
I watch the dark go by.
I left the solar system, looking forward to
Another system.
I saw an eye not looking at me.