The worksheet facsimiles that follow were sent to a select
group of poets for their comments . This magazine is grateful
to the Pierpont Morgan Library for providing them.


      Anne Bronte          Heather McHugh

Elizabeth Barrett Browning          Andrew Hudgins               

Elizabeth Barrett Browning          Carolyn Kizer                   

         Robert Burns          James Longenbach

     Lord Byron          Charles Simic

Heinrich Heine          C.K. Williams 

 John Keats          Alfred Corn

John Keats          Mark Doty

 Edgar Allan Poe          Jorie Graham   

  Alexander Pope          Richard Howard

Algernon Charles Swinburne          John Hollander                  

Alfred, Lord Tennyson          Anthony Hecht        





Anne Brontë's "To Cowper"

Heather McHugh

A manuscript of Brontë's "To Cowper."

George Plimpton warned us we might be "abashed by the quality" of our "opposite[s]." Abashed indeed. First there is Anne Bronte's remarkably …